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Upcycled Pallet Garden Dirt Leveling Drag

Your most important tool in your garden is dirt, but your favorite tool will be this upcycled pallet turned into a garden dirt leveling drag.  While leveling your garden is quite a chore, this drag makes it much less painful than it needs to be.  I’m not promising that it is fun or easy, but it is quick, inexpensive and effective.

Upcycled Pallet Garden Dirt Leveling Drag BLOOMING ON A BUDGET

To start, we used a hardwood pallet, rather than a scrap wood pallet for this dirt leveling drag.  This will allow for a much longer lifespan as well as durability.  We made the following modification to the front sides of the pallet:

Bolt for Upcycled Pallet Garden Dirt Leveling Drag BLOOMING ON A BUDGET

Position yourself inside the rope as though you are in a harness and pull the weighted drag behind you (MUCH easier said than done).  We used about 50 pounds worth of landscaping bricks but you could add a few 25 pound bags of animal feed or even a small child looking for a fun ride! (Hold on tight!)  The top picture shows what your view is if you are in the harness and looking behind you.  If you look carefully, in that picture you are able to see lumps of dirt collecting inside the pallet.  This is a great method of collecting the bigger clumps of dirt that inevitably occur and this filtering process is part of what makes this dirt leveling drag so useful.  We collected as many of the clumps as possible and buried them a corner of the garden where they will have a chance to break down.  (They will also break down in your compost heap.)

Working down the middle of the garden, up one side and down another, we were able to level our garden in a fraction of the time it would take do it by hand! Leveling a garden is not a fun thing to do but at least there is a quicker, easier and less expensive way to do it.


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