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A few years ago I started a journey that I never anticipated- becoming a single mom.   It hasn’t always been fun, but it has offered me a great education in the ways of becoming self-sufficient.  I have had a wonderful mentor that has taught me a lot of “dad duties” but whose biggest lesson has been to “pay it forward”.  So, in the spirit of “paying it forward” I present to you BLOOMING ON A BUDGET.

While the internet is full of mommy bloggers who live in seemingly perfect nuclear families, some of us are playing the role of both parents and doing good just to get through the day.  It’s hard sometimes to read their blogs and, well… relate. While I will be the first to say that I haven’t got it all figured out, I have learned a lot over the past few years (and not always the easy way).

My goal is to provide my readers with all the things that I wish I had known when my journey began and share my learning process along the way.  We will also be looking at home maintenance projects such as inexpensive renovations and repairs, green living, gardening and urban homesteading.  We will look at everyday make-your-own projects, quick recipes, bargain shopping and couponing, plus practical ways to live frugally that you may never have considered.

Whatever your situation, regardless of how many little sprouts you have at home, there is a way for you to not just survive- but thrive!  This is the place to plant your roots and learn, laugh, share and grow!

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